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img Supporting Discovery to Development Research

  • Preclinical optimization/DMPK/ Met ID
  • Hepatotoxicity Genotoxicity
  • 3D Priniting
  • Primary Cell Isolation From Tissue Cell Proliferation & Migration Assay Transfected Cell Line Development
  • In vitro Cell Based Biology Assay, Enzyme Assay, Functional Assay
  • Evaluation of the reactive metabolites by LC/MS/MS analysis.
  • Protein / DNA Co-valent adduct detection by LCMS / MS
  • Transfected Cell - Line Development
  • Proteomics
  • In vitro drug metabolism of NCE (drug/new chemical entity):

    Determination of metabolic stability, metabolic half-life and Clearance prediction of NCE (new chemical entity or drug) in cross species (both rodent and non-rodent) liver/intestinal microsomes and hepatocytes.

  • Inhibition assays of NCE (drug/new chemical entity):

    Determination of Ki/Kinact in liver microsomes.

  • Biotransformation support of NCE (drug/new chemical entity):

    Early drug discovery stage:

    • Determination of metabolic soft-spot in crosses species liver and intestinal microsomes (both rodent and non-rodent) which help chemistry to improve metabolic stability of NCE.
    • Screening NCEs to detect reactive metabolites in liver microsomes by using gluthione as a trapping agent.

    Full biotransformation package of NCEs.

    • Full metabolite profile in cross species hepatocytes (both rodent and non- rodent: rat, mouse, dog, cyno and human).
    • Metabolite identification in Aroclor induced rat liver S9.
    • Conducting bile duct cannulated rat study to understand metabolism and excretion pathways of NCE by using cold compound (which is not radio labeled): In that case full metabolite profile is determined in bile, urine, plasma and feces samples.
    • Detection of circulating metabolites in plasma samples (rat, mouse, dog and cyno).
    • Detection of circulating metabolites iReaction phenotyping of NCE by using recombinant cytochrome P450s and specific chemical inhibitors. In some special cases reaction phenotyping is also done by using recombinant UGTs.
    • Determination of non-cyp mediated metabolism like Aldehyde oxidase (AO) mediated metabolism of NCE by using human liver cytosol with/without AO inhibitor.


  • Hepatocytes Human/Rabbit/Tat/Dog/Mouse
  • S9, Liver - Human/Mouse/Rabbit/Rat/Dog
  • Microsome Liver - Human/Mouse/Rabbit/Rat/Dog
  • Cytosol Liver - Human/Mouse/Rabbit/Rat/Dog
  • Plasma Human
  • Serum Plasma
  • Stem Cells MSCs
  • Cord MNCs (Cord Mononuclear Cells)
  • Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
  • IPCs (Induced Pluripotent Cells)
  • Primary Tissue & Cell Isolation
  • Adipocytes Liver
  • Dermal Papilla Human
  • Endothelial Cells Human
  • Epithelial Cells Human
  • Fibroblasts
  • Keratinocytes
  • Melanocytes
  • Smooth Muscle Cells