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DiponEd EMERGES AS Elevate 100 Award winner, 2017

  • Date: August 30th, 2017

A brainchild of the Karnataka State government, theELEVATE 100 programme is a combined initiative of the Startup Cell, Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS) Government of Karnataka. This initiative of Karnataka state government allows the selected 100 startups access to the government’s cumulative startup fund as well as offer mentoring from industry experts, idea validation, advisory and legal support.

Launching the platform’s two-day jam packed finale sessions, theState’s IT, BT & Tourism Minister Priyank Khargesaid, “The efforts of the Karnataka government won’t stop at elevating the chosen 100. We see ELEVATE 100 as a continuing process where the best ideas from the state gets the support and guidance it deserves.”

DiponEd participated in this prestigious programme and emerged out as the top 100 startup winners’ were selected out of1700 applications received, during the tenure of this India’s first comprehensive entrepreneurship platform, ELEVATE 100 on 29-30 August, 2017.

DiponEd participated in the Bio-tech(BT) category for its project on niche cellular biologics platform. The Project ““MERISIS-MS6” a novel stem cell biologics platform technology: for Organ Transplants and Graft versus host diseases GVHD”. Aiming at developing a product which will help in better donor organ acceptability reduced immune rejections; reduce the expenses on immunosuppressants in organ transplants and Bone Marrow Transplants. This novel API will also be used to design several injectable and tropical products like novel combinatorial biologicals, growth factor concentrates, cellular infusions for GVHD and immune-suppression, transplantation supports etc.

Most solid organ transplantations are carried out using unmatched donors or donors. Finding a perfect HLA matched donor is rare. Post transplantation there remains a very high chance of graft rejection or other complications like side effects, drug overloads, or resistance to immunosuppressant’s and steroids. Talking about this situation Dr. Kaushik D Deb, CEO of DiponEd said “We aim at reducing the cost of the immune-suppressant drugs by at least 50% through the use of our cellular biological before and post transplantations. This new Bio- pharma API product will be universal and will be the base technology for several new biological products”.