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Graceful Aging: An antiaging Retreat experiment by DiponEd

  • Date: July 31st, 2015

Aging is one of the most critical known risk factors for most chronic and difficult to treat human diseases. Roughly 0.1 million people worldwide die each day of age-related complications like tissue malfunction or organ failures. Traditional medicine approaches dating back to 500 BC when integrated with modern genomics, epigenomics and stem cell research, could perhaps help us is slowing down this degenerative process significantly and could perhaps add 20 additional healthy and productive years to our average life span.

Key modalities of integrative medicine known to rejuvenate the mind and body are meditation, breath control exercises, nutrition and controlled diet. We know that intensive or prolonged mind and body therapies (MBT) may have beneficial effects on the well-being of healthy people and in patients. Telomerase activity and levels of peripheral blood adult pluripotent stem cells (PB-APSC) are reliable markers of long-term well-being that are known to decrease with age. Recently we designed a  study to understand the effect of our MBT linked antiaging program on telomerase activity and stem cells in donated peripheral blood collected from participants.

We investigated the effects of an intensive three weeks MBT Antiaging retreat on telomerase activity and the peripheral blood stem cells in participants before and after the MBT. A total of 108 people were enrolled in the study; 38 men and70 women (aged 18-90) were randomly assigned for the study. We found some interesting data, thought it was a very short span program. Telomerase activity increased in retreat participants at the end of the MBT retreat. About 45% of people showed more than one-fold increase of telomerase activity after our MBT program. Furthermore, about 27% of people showed more pronounced fold increase (2-fold) in telomerase activity after the MBT. In addition, a substantial percentage of people (about 90%) exhibited increased stem cell counts after the MBT retreat. Although a short term and very intensive program our data indicates improved  telomerase activity and stem cells count in peripheral blood in MBT retreat participants, that may lead to increased longevity and better quality of life as we continue our efforts to……de-age!


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